I help gay men use erotic energy to more easily navigate through choices of pleasure and suffering.

Conscious erotic bodywork for gay men.

Centrally located in Manhattan


Suffering & mediocrity are choices

We are all responsible for the decisions we make the worlds we create. If you’re here, then there might be a part of your life you want to change. You want to shift it out of mediocrity. Or perhaps you want to stop suffering from it.

You can make the choice to live a more fulfilling life, a more embodied life.

Understand the truth & pleasure in your body

Knowing what you want - what you truly want - is hard. Having the courage to ask for it is even harder.

In this work, you’ll develop the intuition in your body and learn to know when it is speaking. You’ll discover new ways to find out what is in your best interest, how to ask for it, and how to create that reality.

Quiet your mind (and the stories of inadequacy in your head)

Your mind and body are constantly seeking truth. The problem is that these truths are often at odds with one another.

The mind is so easily stuck in the past or future, convincing you that you need that job, that car, the perfect husband, that brownie. But your body - it is always in the present.

When you are in right-relationship with your body, it communicates to you the truth of what it needs. Its needs are usually much more simple than the stories we create in our heads. And they usually provide a path full of fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure.

Through this work, you will rediscover and rebuild your relationship with your body and you will find ways that your mind, body, and soul can co-exist in peace.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk.

Adam Nicholson

I can show you what I’ve seen

This work has transformed my life in radical ways - with men, my career, and my understanding of joy and suffering.

It is not the only path toward transformation but it is what has worked for me.

I can tell you what look for and what to expect.

I can provide you a safe space to experiment with love, desire, loneliness, fulfillment, and your spiritual growth.

I can show up in love & trust.


Shortly after our session I was contacted by my boss’ boss who offered me a new role in my department - it is a dream role! The best part is that my boss and I get to design how we want to implement this new position.

- LP

There is a lot of power in knowing my own energy. I know that I have the freedom to use it or I can allow it to use me. I learned so much more about what I want and what I don't want out of life. It taught me to know when I am comfortable and when I am not. Now I have a clean slate to work from. I feel balanced. There's less hesitation.

I am definitely ready for another session.

- CV

I come from a background of childhood trauma. I have spent years doing the work of recovery in both independent, group and one on one therapy sessions. The work we completed together touched me deeply. It helped bridge the gap between mental, emotional and physical acceptance and comfort. Being in a safe space while tuning into and listening to my body, breath and spirit to work in unison. To have natural physical responses be safe and without judgment were powerful healing experiences.

- D

I rediscovered and refined my ability to listen to my body and be more present in the present.

- GC