I help gay execs balance their erotic energy. Rediscover the joy & happiness you deserve in your relationships & career.

On paper you have success, but you don't have the happiness you desire.

Centrally located in Manhattan


Know and honor your value

Do you feel like “the good ones” aren’t into you? Do you want more respect and acknowledgement at work?

Until you fully own your personal value and know what you deserve, no one else is going to give it to you.

Learn to know what you want

Do you believe that you’re honest with yourself? Were you being honest when you showed up to a party but really wanted be somewhere else? Were you being honest about what you want when you fell into another relationship with a narcissistic liar?

You can stop repeating patterns because they feel comfortable. You can stop lying to yourself to avoid the pain of dealing with it.

Gain the discernment to know what is not in your best interest

Do you get into dramatic, unhealthy situations at work and in relationships? Do you feel blindsided when something or someone doesn’t turn out like you expected?

When you learn to listen to your body, this knowing will become natural. You’ll instinctively back away from people that aren’t in your corner.

Adam Nicholson

I am here to open a door for you.

A door that you’ve been too afraid to walk through. A door that promises the things you desire most.

When you tell me where the door is, I’ll open it and guide (or gently push) you through.

You will end up on the other side with a completely transformed life.

Shortly after our session I was contacted by my boss’ boss who offered me a new role in my department - it is a dream role! The best part is that my boss and I get to design how we want to implement this new position.

- LP

I rediscovered and refined my ability to listen to my body and be more present in the present.

- GC

"There is a lot of power in knowing my own energy. I know that I have the freedom to use it or I can allow it to use me.

I learned so much more about what I want and what I don't want out of life. It taught me to know when I am comfortable and when I am not.

Now I have a clean slate to work from. I feel balanced. There's less hesitation.

I am definitely ready for another session."

- CV

Am I ready for this?

Are you willing to own your successes and setbacks?

No more excuses in this work. No more blaming your boss, client, or partner for the lack you are experiencing. You must come into this willing to look deeply within yourself and own that you are the source of both your abundance and your lack. You don’t have to be there now (it takes time) but you must make the commitment to understand your personal power.

Are you ready to make big, scary decisions so you can be happier?

You must be able to make decisions. This work will open up new pathways but if you don’t do the work, these opportunities will close. You will learn to listen and understand your body and it important that you trust its guidance in your life.

Are you ready to let go of the people and things that aren’t serving you?

You will be transformed. You will feel like a new person.

But when you come out on the other side, you will be filtering your relationships through a new lens. You will need to surround yourself with people who are in coherence with your new vibration.

People will walk away, and you will leave others. But new friends who are in better alignment with your energy will emerge. If you’re not willing to allow this to happen, the work will take much longer.

Are you willing to commit to the work?

You need to be prepared to begin and strengthen your daily spiritual practice. You will have readings, homework, and solo exercises for the times we are not together.

Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone?

I am going to ask you to be uncomfortable. I am going to invite you to address what feels scary.

And I’ll be there to hold you while you do it.

For you to move forward in your life, you need to forge a new relationship with the pieces that you have avoided. It can be difficult and painful, but ultimately, it will be fulfilling in a way you have probably never known.

If you’re ready for that, let’s talk.