Harness your erotic energy to move past suffering, loneliness, and mediocrity.

Spiritual bodywork for gay men.

Centrally located in Manhattan



Shortly after our session I was contacted by my boss’ boss who offered me a new role in my department - it is a dream role! The best part is that my boss and I get to design how we want to implement this new position.

- LP

There is a lot of power in knowing my own energy. I know that I have the freedom to use it or I can allow it to use me. I learned so much more about what I want and what I don't want out of life. It taught me to know when I am comfortable and when I am not. Now I have a clean slate to work from. I feel balanced. There's less hesitation.

I am definitely ready for another session.

- CV

I come from a background of childhood trauma. I have spent years doing the work of recovery in both independent, group and one on one therapy sessions. The work we completed together touched me deeply. It helped bridge the gap between mental, emotional and physical acceptance and comfort. Being in a safe space while tuning into and listening to my body, breath and spirit to work in unison. To have natural physical responses be safe and without judgment were powerful healing experiences.

- D

I rediscovered and refined my ability to listen to my body and be more present in the present.

- GC

Adam Nicholson

Gain a deeper understanding of your true desires.

Find your growth edge.

Rediscover pleasure and fulfillment.