Work with Me

Adam Nicholson Digital

Coaches, are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Have you taken all the right steps but find you are just not connecting with enough people?

Together we'll work to uplevel your business so that you can...

  • find more clients

  • generate more predictable income

  • clear out the energetic hurdles that have been in your way.

The Download

75-minute video call

After you finish the pre-call questionnaire, we'll meet for 75 minutes to find key areas that need to change, improve, or simply be taken out of your practice. After the interview, you'll have a clear idea of what you need to do to make your business grow in a way that honors your short & long term goals as well as your clients' needs. 

We will review your your digital marketing strategy while honoring your personal intuition and priorities. We will talk about your 

  • Outreach strategy

  • Referral programs

  • Social media marketing

  • Content development

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Speaking opportunities

  • And other avenues that are unique to your industry.

When we finish, you'll receive an audio recording of the session. 

This cost is applied to any other package if you choose moving forward.

The Jump Start

2 days, 4 meetings, 90 days of support

Over the course of two days, we will dissect your business to figure out where you want to be and what’s standing in your way.

You'll do the homework before we start and in our meetings we will work to develop actionable plans that work.

Afterward, I'll write up a strategic plan for your digital outreach that includes: 

  • Social media objectives

  • Content creation schedule and ideation

  • Outbound marketing strategy for new leads

  • Email marketing strategy for inbound

  • Podcast guesting strategy to get your voice out there

  • As well as solutions to any other hurdles that pop up along the way.

In addition, you will receive a biofield/aura tuning session before and after our meetings. These will help clear any energetic roadblocks that might be in your way and help you think and move within your business in a more authentic light. You'll also receive an essential oil intuitively chosen to help clear you energetically so you can move toward your desired outcomes.


Add-ons: Squarespace website development and additional biofield tuning sessions.

Help More People Lead Generation


In this three month coaching package, we figure out who you want to help most, then we develop a plan to make it happen. You’ll get ongoing support from me as I put all of the pieces into place to win you more clients.

In this package we will…

  • Identify who your target clients are and where we can find them. We’ll explore LinkedIn outreach, podcast appearances, email marketing, advertising, and other social media channels. Then, we’ll put it into action.

  • Hold bi-weekly meetings to keep us on track and solve any issues that arise.

  • Work to shift the energetic blockages that might be holding you or your business back. We’ll do five biofield tuning sessions over three months and I’ll also send you an intuitively chosen essential oil that will help you on this path.

  • Optimize your website, social media, and email copy.

  • Repackage your products to maximize profit and build your brand.

  • Communicate via Slack messenger so I can handle any quick questions that come up.


Add-ons: Squarespace website development and additional biofield tuning sessions.

"You gave me permission to be something that is different. That was just what I needed to hear.

I went to a networking event last night and fully stepped into this new role. I actually felt the room expand when I was telling them what I do. I got an overwhelming response and everyone in the room was all over me wanting a card. I expect 3-5x more new clients than I typically get from these meetings." 

- Tricia Utley, American Apothecary Skin