Work with Adam

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This work is about discerning between the truths held in your body and stories running in your head.

This work will show you how to use your erotic energy to move past the stories & suffering of your mind and into a life filled with truth & pleasure.

This work will re-introduce you to your body so that you can begin to rebuild your relationship with your heart and your intuition.

This work is about making your life more fulfilling, more satisfying, and more easeful.

Am I ready for this?

If any of these comments resonate with you, you might be ready for this work. Here are some of the things I hear most frequently:

  • I don’t know how to ask for what I want

  • I don't love myself or my body

  • My mind is constantly churning about my past mistakes and what I expect to happen in the future

  • I don't trust my intuition anymore

  • I am not excited about my work and I feel stuck

  • My sex life is out of control and I need to find balance

  • I want to build a deeper connection to my spiritual self

  • My relationships are not fulfilling to me anymore

  • I wish my friends and coworkers valued what I can bring to the table

All of these statements are manifestations of the thoughts in your head. By diving into your body, you can understand deeper truths to these stories.

Why is it important to align my mind, body, & spirit?

When your body, mind, and spirit are in right-relationship with one another, life becomes more simple. You have more clarity around the reality you want to create for yourself.

Many of us spend a lot of time focusing on things that we think we should want without actually checking in to our bodies to see if it is in our best interest.

We give priority to our minds and our emotions & actions follow its lead. But when our minds are focused on the stories of the past or future, we create suffering. That suffering takes away the pleasure that is readily available to us in the now.

We are all manifesting our realities but if our thoughts are stuck in an awful loop of suffering then we will make more decisions that manifest more suffering.

Whether it's the job that looks perfect, the guy that is just your type, or those brownies that are calling your name... if you're not clear on what you truly want and what is in your best interest, you'll end up manifesting them and the suffering will continue.

Why is it important to work with erotic energy?

Erotic energy is usually easy to find and easy to activate. Your history with it may be full of sadness and misadventures, but chances are, it one subtle energy you know how to locate.

It is potent. It is one of the few naturally occurring things in the body that can jolt you out of your head. When you learn how to extend and expand your erotic energy, you can go into deeper relationship with your body.

It is also a whole lot of fun. And I know that for me, if the work isn’t fun, I’m not going to do it. But being in an erotic space is pure pleasure - a state that our lives can be all of the time.

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What happens when we work together?

This work typically takes place over a three month period. In that time, we will work on the outcomes you want to see through 1-1 bodywork sessions, debriefing calls, and email conversations.

Often, this work addresses core spiritual issues such as…

  • learning how to love your body and yourself

  • strengthening your intuition to know what is in your best interest

  • understanding where in your body you are holding on to the things that no longer serve you

  • learning how to smooth out the parts of your life that feel complicated

  • finding right-relationship between your masculine (linear) and feminine (circular) energies so you can give them what they need (spoiler alert, they need different things)

  • understanding what you truly want in your personal and professional relationships

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We’ll approach this work in a variety of ways depending on where you’re and where you’re willing to go.

It is hard to describe 1-1 sessions because they are all so different, but the pieces that come in most frequently are…

  • essential oils used to help you shift and transition more quickly and more peacefully

  • weighted tuning forks as a vibrational healing tool that will help you dive deeper into your body and understand how energy is moving within

  • your erotic energy to bring awareness & clarity to what your body needs most

Also, when we work together you’ll usually receive additional perks such as plant essences, books, a tuning fork, access to group events, meditation support, and debriefing calls.

Your investment

This work is transformational on many levels and requires commitments from you in terms of time, space, and money. If you feel like you are ready to make that commitment, please schedule a consultation so we can talk.

If you don’t live in NYC and would like to work with me, consider distance sessions.