The Jump Start

Adam Nicholson

Work with your best clients, make more money, and have fun.

Before we start our 2 days of meetings, I'll send you the Jump Start Workbook. Yes, you'll have to do some deep work. But in the end you'll have a much more clear path to move forward. 

We will explore and find the answers to...

  • Who you like helping and who feeds you
  • Your fees and how to optimize profit while closing freebies
  • Marketing your uniqueness and what you have to offer
  • Creating more predictable income through referrals, speaking, and systematized marketing campaigns.

90 Days of Support

When we finish our meetings, you'll still have me via Slack for three months. I'll be there to answer questions and help you work through the tough questions. 

Clear Your Energetic Blockages

In addition, you will receive a biofield/aura tuning session before and after our meetings. These will help clear any energetic roadblocks that might be in your way and help you think and move within your business in a more authentic light. You'll also receive an essential oil intuitively chosen to help clear you energetically so you can move toward your desired outcomes.


Add-ons: Squarespace website development and additional biofield tuning sessions.

"You gave me permission to be something that is different. That was just what I needed to hear."

- Tricia Utley, American Apothecary Skin

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