Create Success in Your Career (4 weeks)

Create Success in Your Career (4 weeks)


A one-month group, taken together with eight other spiritually-focused, career-driven individuals.

Every Monday (January 28 - February 18, 2019)

Create success. Create wealth. Create possibilities.

Are you ready to create more success, more wealth, and more possibilities for your career? At first, it can feel like you are asking for too much. It isn’t.

The universe provides all of this and more. We just have to find the pathway to get there.

In our careers, we can get held back by our past traumas and energetic patterns. This can certainly have an effect on our happiness at work, but it also impacts our ability to attract wealth and abundance in our lives.

In this one month group, you (and eight others) will dive deeper into understanding why you are here. You will understand what needs to change and why.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. It is up to you to make the changes you see. If you are brave enough to take that step, you will receive the success and wealth you desire.

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What happens?

We meet every week for one month. During that time, you and 8 other people will explore the dynamics and energies around your career. We will find and shift the energies blocking your growth and you will create new energetic pathways that will show you how to find the possibilities and opportunities that you desire.

We will do this through the use of medicinal aromatherapy and Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning uses the vibration from tuning forks to find and then shift the energies that may be blocking you in certain areas.

Each week we will focus on a particular issue in our Biofield Tuning sessions. We will explore…

  • Get clear about your personal power, get rid of the inner critic

  • Manifesting new opportunities - say it, create it, be heard

  • Understand your relationships at work - boss, team, the business itself

  • Stay grounded and put it all into action

In addition to our weekly group meetings, you will also receive:

  • One private 1-1 Biofield Tuning session with Adam

  • An essential oil intuitively chosen by Adam to help guide you on this journey

  • Course questionnaire and feedback to help you set your intention

  • Post-session homework and feedback

  • Access to Adam’s resource library

  • Daily mantra to create new energetic pathways

  • Private access to Adam via Slack for daily support