The Three-Minute Game w/ Harry Faddis

Harry Faddis at Easton Mountain

The Three-Minute Game is one of my favorite things in life. It is so simple but so incredibly profound in what you can learn about yourself.

It was invented by Harry Faddis.

We spoke to Harry in the previous episode about his involvement in creating spiritual & erotic spaces for queer men including those with the Body Electric School, the Gay Coaches Alliance, and as a founding member of Easton Mountain Retreat Center. All of these institutions have been monumental in providing a unique space for queer men to experience a more full, erotic, and spiritual life.

In this episode, we go deep into the Three-Minute Game. If you don’t know the game, it involves two people and two questions:

  • What do you want me to do to you? (for 3 minutes)

  • What do you want to do to me? (for 3 minutes)

It is incredible the amount of information you can download about yourself from these simple two questions. We dive into this and more in the episode. Enjoy!

If you’d like more information on the Three-Minute Game, here is a great interview between Betty Martin and Harry (1h09m).

More about Harry:

Harry Faddis (email) is a founding member of The Easton Mountain Retreat Center in upstate New York, a community celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2020, where he also lives. He is a co-founder of the Gay Coaches Alliance, an organization which will produce its 9th International Gay Coaches Conference in 2020. As an instructor for the Body Electric School for nearly fifteen years, he travelled throughout the US and Canada teaching weekend workshops and 6-day intensive workshops on eroticism and spirituality. He has created and co-taught a male-empowerment workshop called "the Art of Powerful Living" for fifteen years. He has been in recovery from alcoholism for 32 years and is a grateful member of the fellowship of AA which is a foundation of his spiritual practice; also, in order to keep spiritually fit, he has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for 17 years and holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt. He was also the co-host of a weekly radio program at WRPI.Troy, a student-run show at RPI (Rennselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. The show was THE QUEST OF LIFE and explored and presented interviews with queer teachers as well exclusively queer musicians.

Adam Nicholson