Biofield Tuning  


Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks on the body and in your biofield to find and shift the energy that is not serving your best interests. 

The forks are a powerful tool because through the sound and the vibration they can help you understand where your energy is flowing.

When you go into session, you will start with an intention and ask your body where we need to work.

The effects from receiving a tuning are oftentimes profound.

Many clients feel what they describe physically as a “buzz” in their bodies. Some cry. Some experience major shifts in their marriages and jobs in the days following.

Also, as your energy resets you can feel the effects for days after the session.

If you’ve tried other energy healing modalities and left wondering what had happened, in Biofield Tuning, you will be able to hear and feel what is happening with the energy in your body.

When we do on-the-body work you will feel the weighted forks being intuitively placed on specific parts of your body. The goal is to unlock the energy that is trapped in your organs and tissue to make space for what you want to manifest.

Using your breath and intention along with the tuning forks, your energetic pathways will start to open and you will discover a deeper understanding of what your body needs and how it connects to your soul’s purpose.

When we work in your biofield, away from your body or when we work remotely, it is quite similar. Although you won’t feel the physical vibration of the forks on your skin (although some do), the work will still shift the energy that has been trapped in your subtle energy body.

With Biofield Tuning, we can work on an individual, a business, a department, or a small team. It can be done in-person or remote.

If you’d like more info, watch this short video from creator and founder, Eileen McKusick.

Medicinal Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy has become fairly mainstream in the Western world. Diffusers are everywhere and it seems that everyone knows to use a little lavender before bed. 

We will use it assist you in shifting the energetic blockages in that are holding you back. It will open up new pathways and help you see and understand where You need to go. This is critical as you step into a place of growing your business.

The plants carry millions of years of wisdom that we simply don't have access to.

When we work together, I intuitively choose oils that will help you move toward your desired outcome. The plants always know what to do.