Using Your Dreams for Guidance w/ Sharon Pastore

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Sharon Pastore is a holistic divorce mediation specialist, marketing & business consultant, and a dreamworker. Entrepreneurship and marketing are her vehicles for 'lucid dreaming into lucid living.' Sharon co-founded Main Line Family Law Center with her husband, Cris Pastore. Their holistic, structured and peaceful approach to separation and divorce allow almost any couple to separate or divorce without legal battles in court using the mediation process. She also offers marketing and business consulting services, particularly in the areas of mental and spiritual health, family law and mediation, and education. As a dreamworker, Sharon helps people learn to interpret and follow their dreams; whether it be clear decisions around career path, explore a business idea or solve a problem,tap into high levels of creativity, manage relationships, or heal from loss, conducting workshops and speaking.

In this episode…

  • How to use your dreams to grow your business

  • Getting permission to improvise

  • Steps we can take to better remember our dreams

  • How to look for evidence to validate the messages in your dreams

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