Understanding Your Mind-Gut Connection

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Sage Joya is a Spiritual Guide and National Board Certified Guided Colonic Therapist. She comes from a family of spiritual healers and leaders. And now she works with folks to create their spiritual flow through the mind-gut connection.

In 2007, she opened a Holistic Health Consulting practice in Cambridge, MA with a focus on healing people through the mind-gut connection. Now, Sage travels throughout the USA spiritually guiding people toward the improvement of gut health and their desired potential.

In this episode…

  • What is the mind-gut connection?

  • How important is removing dairy from our diet?

  • Why do we need to find coherence in the mind and gut?

  • What keeps our mind-gut connection imbalanced?

You can find more information about Sage Joya at https://www.flowtreasure.com.

Adam Nicholson