Episode 39 - Mastering Your Business with the Akashic Records w/ Melissa Feick (part 1)

Melissa_Feick - Melissa Feick.png

Melissa is an Ascension teacher, healer, coach, speaker and an advanced intuitive as well as the author of A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration.

In part one of our two part interview, Melissa walks us through the Akashic Records, what they mean to our lives right now, and why we need to be accessing them.

In part two, she’ll talk to us about how we can use the Akashic Records to manifest businesses that are in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

In this episode…

  • What are the Akashic Records?

  • How can they help us in our personal lives?

  • Why do we want to work and connect to the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field?

For more information on Melissa, please visit her website at https://melissafeick.com/.

Adam Nicholson