Episode 38 - Staying in Your Lane w/ John Odlum (part 2)

John Odlum

John Odlum is a massage therapist, master aromatherapist, and intuitive healer. He has built a thriving practice in West Hartford, CT, in part by staying in lane, staying focused, and keeping his eye on what matters. I think it takes a special kind of wisdom to know when to say “no.” John is great at doing what he calls “staying in your lane” and in part two of our interview, look a little deeper into that to see what insights we can glean for our own businesses.

In this episode…

  • What happens we don’t stay in our lane?

  • What are the key points in the growth of your business when staying in your lane helped you?

  • For those of us that have trouble staying in our lane, what advice would you give to get us started?

For information about John, his practice, and his distance Tru Belief Healing sessions, please visit his website at http://www.tru-elements.com/.

Adam Nicholson