Episode 35 - How to Generate Your Own Happiness w/ Cinnamon Alvarez

CinnamonAlvarez_GYO - Cinnamon Alvarez.jpg

Cinnamon Alvarez is a successful entrepreneur, author, and coach. Her work focuses around helping people learn how to generate their own happiness.

In this episode, Cinnamon walks us through some the steps she prioritizes to do that. She talks about

  • how we need to listen & follow our intuition

  • why we need to slow down and step back to see our lives from a more objective point of view

  • how happiness is important for entrepreneurs as it impacts all of our work

Cinnamon is the author of the bestselling book, Generating Your Own Happiness: It's Time for Purpose, Passion, and Power which you can find on Amazon or at https://www.generatingyourown.com/. She’s going to talk to us today about how "Generating Your Own Happiness" contributes to your ability to help more people. This may include some of the common pitfalls leading to unhappiness as well learning the skill set of knowing and understanding you and your source of genuine happiness.

Adam Nicholson