Ep. 48 - Bravery is a Learned Skill (2/2) w/ Emily Ann Peterson

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Emily Ann Peterson is an author, singer/songwriter, and founder of the School of Bravery - a lab for creative visionaries. In 2013, Emily Ann Peterson was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor, which forever altered her two-decade livelihood as a cellist/cello teacher. Refusing to lose her life's love of expression, she knew she’d have to be brave. In an act of neurological defiance, she expanded into wider mediums and broke through her creative glass ceiling, opening the door to limitless possibilities through songwriting.

In this episode…

  • What the hardest part about confronting your bravery?

  • How did bravery help you re-invent yourself and your identity?

  • Ways to think about pricing your services

For more information about Emily Ann, her music, coaching, podcast, and the School of Bravery, please visit https://www.emilyannpeterson.com/.

Adam Nicholson