Ep. 46 - Navigating Legal Issues for Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs w/ Lisa Fraley

Lisa Fraley

Lisa Fraley, JD, is an Attorney, Legal Coach®, Speaker and #1 Best-Selling Author of "Easy Legal Steps...That are Also Good for Your Soul". She’s the host of the “Legally Enlightened” podcast on iTunes and a frequent legal expert on over 250 webinars and podcasts, including top-ranked “Entrepreneur on Fire”.

As a Holistic Lawyer®, Lisa blends legal expertise and caring health & life coaching skills to help heart-centered entrepreneurs protect their businesses and brands with contracts, disclaimers, trademarks and more. She shares her “Legal Love” through DIY legal templates and 1:1 services and is known for aligning legal steps with the chakras.

In this episode…

  • How did you find yourself working as a Holistic Lawyer?

  • What are some of the common legal issues that coaches and entrepreneurs face that they might not even be aware of?

  • What are some steps we can do to protect ourselves legally?

You can find more information about Lisa at https://lisafraley.com/. Also, be sure to check out her podcast and DIY legal templates.

Adam Nicholson