Ep. 44 - StoryJacking Your Relationships w/ Lyssa deHart (part 1)

Lyssa deHart square - Lyssa deHart.jpg

Lyssa deHart has over 25 years of experience working with individuals and organizations. She is a relationship expert and narrative coach, focusing on our relationship with ourselves and with the stories that we tell ourselves. She wrote the bestselling book, StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life, (2017). Lyssa works with groups and individuals to draw on their empowered stories, internal wisdom, and self-awareness. Lyssa creates safe spaces to explore limiting beliefs and the internal narratives that keep people from playing full out in their world. She is passionate about supporting people to craft a story worth living.

In this episode…

  • What is StoryJacking?

  • What are the typical stories that get in the way of our relationships?

  • How do you see this working with the Law of Attraction?

  • How can we begin to tell a new narrative?

For more information about Lyssa, her services, and her book, please go to https://lyssadehart.com/.

Adam Nicholson