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What Can I Do to You for Your Pleasure?

  • Dawn Studio by 3FS 38 West 32nd Street, #1406 New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

A guided partner-exercise in which we learn to we will pair up and learn to verbally ask for what we desire by asking “What can I do to you for your pleasure?” and “What would you like to do to me for your pleasure?”

We will explore how to give and receive within the boundaries of what we desire. We will also dive deeper into what it means to give of ourselves for the pleasure of others and how we can take that offering.

🔥 Registration required ($35), NO CASH:

Too often we are left guessing as to how we can pleasure those around us. We also often leave them guessing as to what we truly desire. When these desires are spoken, asked for, and honored, we can find ourselves living in a more authentic and joyful way. However, when unspoken, it can create a myriad of negative emotions that affect our lives and those around us.

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➡️ WHY?

Many of us are never taught how to ask for what we want in a way that feels safe. We are afraid of what others will think. We don’t know if they will say yes. We also worry about what the other person will ask of us in return.

Many of us only think about giving as doing something to someone else for their pleasure.

Many of us can become aggravated when someone wants something from us.

In this workshop, you will have the space to ask for what you want. You’ll practice how to do something to someone for your pleasure. You’ll learn to allow others to receive pleasure from you in a loving way.


✔️ This workshop will guide you through a set of exercises with randomly chosen partners. You will ask each other 2 questions: “What can I do to you for your pleasure?” and “What would you like to do to me for your pleasure?”

✔️ We will start with a discussion on consent, how to ask, and how to negotiate if you are asked to give or receive in a way that isn’t 100% up your alley.

✔️ We will end with a guided breathing meditation to bring you back to center.


As a group, your energy will be amplified. Communicating with your sexual energy in an intentional way in front of others can have tremendous effects. You will be confronted with feelings you’ve carried your whole life around sex, money, relationships, and your own personal power.

The group dynamic will help shatter the pieces that do not serve you. Through the group, you will emerge with newly discovered personal power. This alone can shift the way in which you manage your relationships with everyone around you.

The group will be guided through a journey of your body as you seek out your own personal erotic energy - an energy that can be found in many parts of the body. Participants are encouraged to stimulate and build their erotic energy to use in their own healing.

The space we share will be highly charged and we ask that everyone hold that in their consciousness before, during, and after the event.


Space is limited and registration is required:

You must be able to be present for the entire event. Doors will close promptly at the starting time.

For more information about the facilitator and his spiritual coaching work, please visit

Adam Nicholson


This event will be facilitated by Adam Nicholson. Adam’s lifelong journey to understand his body has taken him to many places on earth and on his spiritual path. Having worked with various healing modalities, Adam found that his understanding of erotic energy and how to utilize was something that resonated heavily with him. His aim is to guide others to a deeper understanding of their bodies and souls through their own empowered and embodied erotic energy.