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Chakras & Sex: Understanding Your Career

  • Dawn Studio by 3FS 38 West 32nd Street, #1406 New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

This event is part of the Chakras & Sex series and will involve erotic meditation and facilitated group exercises through a tantric lens. The workshop is led by Adam Nicholson (

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In this event, we will explore the third chakra, the Solar Plexus. This chakra, usually located between the heart and navel, is often associated with our personal power and how we value ourselves.

We will use our sexual energy to clear, extend, and expand the energy around the Solar Plexus as it relates to our careers.


✔️ We will undress and find a place on the mat for an opening meditation into our heart.

✔️ We will pair up and work to expand and extend the energy in our Solar Plexus with other men. In these short exercises, we’ll work through the healing power of pleasure to identify and strengthen the energies of our personal power and sex.

✔️ We will end with a guided meditation and reflection on the work.


As a group, your energy will be amplified. Communicating with your sexual energy in an intentional way in front of others can have tremendous effects. You will be confronted with feelings you’ve carried your whole life around sex, money, relationships, and your own personal power.

The space we share will be highly charged and we ask that everyone hold that in their consciousness before, during, and after the event.

Adam Nicholson


This event will be facilitated by Adam Nicholson. Adam’s lifelong journey to understand his body has taken him to many places on earth and on his spiritual path. Having worked with various healing modalities, Adam found that his understanding of erotic energy and how to utilize was something that resonated heavily with him. His aim is to guide others to a deeper understanding of their bodies and souls through their own empowered and embodied erotic energy.


Space is limited and registration is required:

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