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Unleash Your Creativity (A Practice w/ Tantric Tapas)

  • 38 West 32nd Street (#1406) New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

Push up against the limits of your creativity and find what is hidden beneath the surface. Experimenting with the Tantric principles of tapas and spanda, we will explore your creative growth edge through partnered and group activities.

These activities will push you to consciously choose that which is not your habit. You will walk up to the walls and barriers of your creativity and discover new paths.

This is a nude event.

🔥 Registration is required ($25, no cash at event). Just click the link to my website and select the date of the event you wish to attend.


✔️ We will begin with intros and a short meditation.

✔️ After undressing, you will be placed with a random partner and led through activities together. In these partnered activities, you will be asked to abstain from certain activities or from using certain body parts as part of our tapas practice.

✔️ After reflection on the partnered work, you will be given 10 minutes of free play in which you can choose to continue your tapas practice or try something different.


Tapas: A practice central to Tantra that involves the conscious, selective, carefully delimited, and voluntary declining to act on (and thus perpetuate) a habit (a physical or mental action that has become automatic and repetitive).

Spanda: The primordial throb which gives rise to life. Related to the English work “spontaneous.” That which leads to action that is a deeply “authentic” nature.

Tantra: A scripture, often in the form of a dialogue between Shiva and his consort. A school of thought and spiritual practices designed to attain unity with the absolute.

*Ballentine, Kali Rising 2010

🔥 Registration required ($25), NO CASH:


As a group, your energy will be amplified. Communicating with your sexual energy in an intentional way in front of others can have tremendous effects. You will be confronted with feelings you’ve carried your whole life around sex, money, relationships, and your own personal power.

The space we share will be highly charged and we ask that everyone hold that in their consciousness before, during, and after the event.


This event will be facilitated by Adam Nicholson. Adam’s lifelong journey to understand his body has taken him to many places on earth and on his spiritual path. Having worked with various healing modalities, Adam found that his understanding of erotic energy and how to utilize was something that resonated heavily with him. His aim is to guide others to a deeper understanding of their bodies and souls through their own empowered and embodied erotic energy.


Space is limited and registration is required:

This event is cross-posted on multiple platforms so registrations may not line up with what is reflected on this site.

For more information about the facilitator and his spiritual coaching work, please visit

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