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Sound Healing: Release Your Religious Trauma

When you were growing up, did your religion support you and love you? Did the people in your faith judge you and force you to fit in to a paradigm that didn't feel right?

Unfortunately, it is a very common story. And we tend to hold on to those traumas that were often embedded in our childhoods.

It is never too late to release them.

Join us for a Biofield Tuning session as we dive into the energy around our own unique religious traumas. We'll shift the energy in you so that you can release it, let go, move on, and draw closer to your own spiritual path.

This event is free, but please register here.

Biofield Tuning is a form of sound healing that uses tuning forks to find and soothe the old energy that is gunked up in our bodies and biofields.

After a short meditation, I will tune the biofield of the group to find and shift the energies in your past and present that are preventing you from finding clarity around your relationships.

You can find more info here:

As you sit with us in silence, you will feel your energy shift and become more open and clear.

Please enter the room with respect and honor the energy of the room.


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