Email marketing

Your email subscribers are your best leads. They have already said they want to know more about you, and now it is up to you to reel them in.

But, email marketing is more than simply sending updates to your list. You need a lead nurturing strategy that increases engagement and ultimately puts more people into your sales funnel. 

You need a successful email strategy

A successful email strategy is relevant, personal, and consistent. We will work with you to develop a strategy that caters to your business goals while optimizing it for the user. Using a mix of automated and proven content with event based and timely updates, we will pull your target audience through the sales funnel. 

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Email marketing is more than just sending updates to your list.


  • Up to 2 emails per month - we will plan, write, and send
  • 2 fully automated emails for new signups
  • Email list management, including list segmentation for micro-targeting your list
  • Installation of a lead capture tool on your website that can increase your email capture rate by 700% (if you scroll down this page, you'll see what we're talking about!)
  • Analytics and reporting (monthly) 
  • One 60-minute phone call per month for strategy and reporting


Customized pricing starting at $999 per month