Provide More Value with Productized Packages

Most healers & helpers I work with charge a set fee for a specific modality for a specific set of time (example: 60-min Reiki session, $80).

Don't do this

When you charge by modality + time, you are limiting your impact for the client. You are making them choose how to heal themselves and closing off other opportunities that they might not be aware of. 

Also, when you charge different amounts for different modalities, you are unconsciously telling the client that one is better than the other. 

You are the expert

When you have a laundry list of healing modalities to choose from, clients become confused about what they need. But when you offer a healing session that can include multiple modalities, they trust you to do what is needed. 

They are coming to you for help. Be the expert and use your intuition to guide them and make suggestions. Don't offer a menu of modalities to choose from. Instead, offer one healing session. 

Create a healing session product

The goal is to create a streamlined healing session product that offers more value to your client (without overdoing it for you).

Ideally, you want to sell a monthly package instead of a one-time session. A monthly package will allow you to provide ongoing support and healing for your clients.

This also moves you away from endless menu items that puts the pressure on the client to know which modality is best for them. 


This type of productized package offers more support for your clients, more consistency for you, and more predictable income. It is beneficial for everyone.


Adam Nicholson