More than Setting Intention; Stay Grounded

Most (all?) of the healers & helpers I work with are very different than your average business owner. They are concerned about the bottom line of course, but they are also highly sensitive and aware of the energy that surrounds themselves and their business. 

This is a difficult and unique problem. To do healing work, one must devote a significant amount of time and energy to their own spiritual path. However, the daily grind of running a business forces you to use a different energy that can feel at odds.

Some healers I speak with tell me that their business planning is centered around setting the intention for abundance and working through the messages they receive in meditation. While this is a great and advised first step, those intentions and messages need to be distilled into doable, actionable plans. 

Your spiritual path and the art of running a business don't have to be at odds. However, you do need to make time to care for both.

Set aside a specific time each day

Put it in your calendar. Make it non-negotiable. The time spent working on your business should be a daily (or near-daily) activity that you do not miss. 

I recommend spending at least 40-50% of your work time dedicated to growing your business. This may seem like a lot, but it necessary if you want to grow and have a predictable client list.

Work with a specialist or consultant

When you hire someone to do the work with you, you still have to dedicate time to do the work, but your work will be much more impactful. Instead of spending hours researching a solution to your unique problem, a consultant can help you navigate them in minutes. 

A consultant helps you stay grounded to ensure you are doing the right work at the right time to help your business grow in the way you intend. 

While it might cost you more upfront, it will save you a significant amount of time spent researching solutions and it will help you retain and grow revenue. 

The way you run your business should be in complete alignment with your spiritual path and development. Find your path and develop actionable plans to carry them out. 

The cover image is from a sculptor by Louise Bourgeois. I find inspiration from this because, as in the article, she must see the vision first and then create a plan to create the sculpture. 

Adam Nicholson