3 Ways to Get More Clients

You want to help as many as possible. I get it. 

To do that, you have to stop trying to help everyone and narrow your focus. 


  1. When you try to help everyone, your message gets watered down and no one knows what you can do best.  
  2. When you tighten up your focus and specify who you want to work with, those people will come to you much more readily and you'll end up helping many more folks. 

Step 1 - Say No to Clients that Don't Fit Your List

I've talked about saying "no" before and it is something I feel strongly about.  You need to be discerning about who you want to work with. That means you should make a list of the specific clients you want, and then say "no" to people that don't match up with the list. Not only will that come back to you energetically, but the people you say "no" to will be able to refer other great clients to you. 

Step 2 - Know What You Do Best and Never Stop Talking about It

I know you are talented in many areas. It is almost a requirement as a healer that you become an expert in multiple modalities. Unfortunately, that's hard to sell. People want to work with experts, not generalists. Whether or not this is right or fair is beside the point. People have adjusted to the concept of a specialist, and especially when it comes to health - they expect it. A person suffering from depression typically wants to see a psychiatrist or therapist - not their family doctor. 

But, what if you enjoy all of your work and simply can't imagine giving up on any of them? Well, you don't have to give any of them up. You will still have these skills and you'll be able to use them. And, this is just temporary! Your specialty will grow and shift over time - so don't get bogged down in thinking this is forever. 

To do this, I recommend that you

  • Think about the work you enjoy most.
  • Think about the special clients who you enjoyed working with.
  • What work have your clients found most beneficial?

Now, is there any overlap between these lists? Are there any common threads?

If you can find a connection between what brings you the most happiness and what has been the most beneficial for your clients, focus on that! 

Now that you have a focus, never stop talking about it and great clients will start to come to you. 

Step 3 - Network and Refer

You have your ideal client and your work niche. Now, go out and tell people about it. Network like crazy. The good thing about being so specific is that you don't have to worry about selling and stealing other people's clients. You can genuinely and comfortably talk about your healing work and your business to anyone because you're no longer selling to them. You are now looking for a very specific person who is also looking for a specific type of healer. 

You can network with other healers in your area and the more you learn about them, the better referrals you can make. Now that you know who you want to work with, you'll probably be saying "no" to a lot of people. But don't leave them high dry, be a connector and send them to one of your friends who specializes in the type of modality that might be better suited for that client. 

They will love you and the universe will repay you with great clients.

*The cover image is of a table I set in my home with a mish mash of several of the tools I like to use in my daily practice. With essential oils, tuning forks, crystals, and singing bowls - sometimes I get overwhelmed. I've noticed that when I do not focus my own healing and attempt to use more than one, the impact is weakened. Choose one and stick with it - for now. 

Adam Nicholson