Why is conscious bodywork important for spiritual growth?

Conscious bodywork is important because "stuff" gets stuck in our bodies.

When we go through a traumatic or painful experience - we have been trained to work at the mental level. We talk it through in therapy, with friends, and with ourselves.

Many of us also realize that those experiences affect us at the soul level - and so we do work there as well. We pray, meditate, see energy healers, etc.

But these experiences also impact our bodies. They get stuck in our muscles, bones, and tissues.

And just like in our minds and souls, they stay there until we do the work to shift them.

⚡ Understanding the speed of shifts at the soul, mind, and body levels

In my experience, shifting things at the soul level is the quickest. When we know it and understand it at the soul level - it is done. Sure, our thoughts and beliefs can get in the way, but when it is felt at the soul level, there is little doubt.

The thoughts and beliefs we hold in our mind - those are fairly fluid as well. They may get stuck for a while, but with a little work/reading/thinking, we can shift them.

But shifting at the physical level seems to be the slowest. For me, even if I believe something at the soul level, even if I know it and believe it in my head - I will face an excruciating amount of resistance in my body if I haven't worked on it consciously.

This is why we stay in unhealthy jobs, relationships, habits. We know it is bad for us, but we stay because our bodies know nothing different.

Our bodies need to feel safe. And that safety prevents us from doing what is good for us.

⚡ Why is it so hard to shift things in our bodies?

I'll focus on two big reasons for why we are so slow to shift in our bodies.

1️⃣ We are disembodied. Almost everything in our culture today is designed to keep us out of our bodies. Our TV, news, smartphones, music, food - it all serves to keep us in our heads and focused on surface-level pleasures.

2️⃣ We need to feel safe and it is not safe to explore new territory. Our bodies have evolved this way, there's no way around it. What we are familiar with is always going to feel safer than the unknown - even if that familiarity is an emotionally abusive asshole.

It is always going to be easier to stay where we are - disembodied and detached from our bodies.

⚡ If it is so hard, how can I shift at the body level?

To shift at the 3D, physical level...

  • We need to re-engage with our bodies

  • We need to start redeveloping that relationship that we lost

  • We need to start listening to our bodies and asking it what it needs

This is why bodywork is so important for growth.

We can do spiritual and mental work for years - but if we don't do what is needed to shift at the physical level - things WILL stay the same. You will not trust yourself to step into the physically unknown - even when your spirit and mind are telling you to.

⚡ Working with erotic energy can jolt you back into your body

This is one reason I work with erotic energy. It is a moment when you are fully present in your body. However brief that moment is (and it usually is unfortunately brief), you are aware, present, and feeling. Everything else is gone and you are left with yourself.

It is this moment that we want to expand. It is this awareness that we can bring into other parts of our lives. It is this consciousness that can bring you back into a deep relationship with your body.

⚡ My work is about helping you shift at the physical level

It is about...

  • Using that erotic moment to expand the awareness of your body

  • Expanding your erotic awareness so that you can take it into other parts of your life

  • Exploring your body to discover how and where you can activate it in new and different ways - in your personal and professional life

This work is for you if you are ready to shift your life in new and exciting ways. It is not easy work, but if you are ready, you know it. You can feel it at your soul level and you believe it in your mind.

If you are ready to make this shift with me, send me a message.