Why are we so lonely and hungry?

Why are we so lonely and hungry? Why are we constantly searching for community and connection?

I see it in my groups and I hear it over the phone. Despite limitless connection through social media our feelings of isolation only seem to increase.

When I look back at my own journey I can remember so much loneliness and hunger. Loneliness that resulted in ceaseless searching. I was an expert at searching in all the wrong places because I wasn’t aware of what my soul truly wanted. I was hungry and I took whatever was in front of me.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you got to see some of my bad decision first hand (sorry!). My relationships, hookups, and friendships that were painfully out of alignment.

But I didn’t know any better. I knew I was lonely and I thought the solution was to find other humans. And I became an expert at finding them!

The shift - finding connection in myself through the erotic

For me, the real shift came when I decided to take a deeper dive into myself. When I decided to stop looking for pleasure in other people and develop it in my own body.

I picked up some books on erotic energy and began my journey. I started to see where I was not in right-relationship and where my masculine and feminine were over- or under-developed.

I studied breathwork, how to have multiple orgasms, and how to feel the subtle energy movement in my body.

What I found in the work though was a level of fulfillment I never imagined. Fulfillment in life, work, and in sex.

For me, making the conscious decision to come into alignment with my desires brought me into a deeper relationship with myself. I began to listen, see, and eventually understand how to be there for my mind, soul, and body.

And slowly, that black hole of loneliness began to get smaller and smaller. My co-dependency on others waned. My outlandish expectations for what I thought others were supposed to give me dissipated.

Even though my old pals, hunger & loneliness, still show up from time to time, the work has brought me a certain level of detachment to where I can almost look forward to seeing them. I don’t rely on them anymore so it can be fun to see what they’re up to when they do show up!

Basically, it’s all become much more interesting, more fun, and more satisfying.

It is through this lens that I work 1-1 with folks. I want you to discover a deeper connection with yourself. I want you to have a new relationship with your body. I want you to find more satisfaction and more fulfillment.

If this message resonates with you, leave a comment or send me a message so we can talk more.