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Discover what you want in the sacred pause

"Noticing the difference between your true desires and your words is helpful for the times when we actually do want to say “no” to someone’s requests. It’s also helpful for the times we might have conflict between our heads, hearts, guts, and genitals.

It is not easy, but I know that becoming more fluent in the language of my body has been incredibly helpful in how I navigate pleasure and suffering."​

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Take Responsibility for the Stories in Your Head

I talk to a lot of folks who want to change their lives. You want your boss to value you more, you want more fulfilling relationships, you want to do something more with your life.

I’ve certainly been there and I know what those places feel like.

When we are triggered by other people, we create stories that blamed them instead of doing the work on ourselves.

Very quickly, those stories become important parts of our identity.

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