About me

My journey to this work

Adam Nicholson

I’ve had many teachers, guides, and influences. Through every stage of my life, I’ve searched for answers and when I’ve found them, I’ve held on to them dearly.

  • I’ve experienced a successful career that was wholly unsatisfying.

  • I’ve been in unhealthy relationships and felt the pain of not being loved and seen for all that I was.

  • I’ve been in the throes of a years-long depression that had me questioning everything about my life.

All of those experiences were incredibly painful. But each of them encouraged me to move forward. Each of them brought on a new level of frustration because I was determined to not be mired in their tangled webs again.

Through that work…

  • I’ve found a career that I love. I never imagined that doing what I love would bring more success and ease into my life, but it has.

  • I’ve learned to let go of people that cannot see all of me. I only expect people to enter my life who love, respect, and honor all that I bring - and that’s what happens.

  • And I haven’t worried about depression in 10+ years because I learned to listen to my body and understand what it wants and needs.

I know what it is like to shift in big ways

I’ve had careers in politics and in the corporate world. I’ve also run my own business. All of which has helped me understand the unique successes and stressors of each.

Each time I took one of those steps, I felt so alone. Each time I thought I was going to lose everything.

I grew up with no neighbors in the hills of Tennessee, lived in several mid-size American cities, and also spent almost 10 years in Seoul and NYC. I know what its like to take those big scary leaps into new and uncharted spaces.

Most importantly, I know how hard it is to stand up and ask for what you want. I know how hard it can be to even know what you want in the first place because our whole lives we have been bombarded with ideas about what we should want.

Coming out as a gay man. Coming out as someone who works with erotic energy. Being the one person in the family to leave the country and live on the other side of the world.

Each time I took one of those steps, I felt so alone. Each time I thought I was going to lose everything.

While there is inevitable loss in each step of our life, we also have the opportunity to create new connections and realities.

That is why I am here. I am here to help you do that in clarity and authenticity.

What this means for you

This all means I can bring the tools to help you shift. I know what has worked for me - I have felt it intimately. I also know what has worked for other clients.

One of my better qualities is my ability to distill and breakdown situations and processes. I do this logically but also from my heart.

I don’t like wasting time. It is probably one of my biggest frustrations (you’ll figure that out quickly when we’re together). And so whenever I encounter a problem or roadblock, I’m always analyzing, writing, researching, rearranging, and course-correcting.

I’m very intuitive to what I need and what my clients need and I bring all of that to the table when we work together.

My invitation to you

If you are ready to take a huge step for yourself - to prioritize what you want out of life - I invite you to join me.

That step could be in your career, your love life, or your journey to understand your body and soul more intimately.

I invite you to set up a consultation.

I invite you to show up in honesty and vulnerability.

I invite you take a take a step for yourself.

 If you would like to know more about me, go over and connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Below is a sample of my Instagram feed.