About me

When you work with me, I bring myself completely. That means I bring my whole self, my experiences, and my beliefs.

In consultations and on this page, I ask you to really tune in to see what resonates and why. This doesn’t mean you need to agree with everything I am saying. In fact, some of this may trigger you. And it is in those triggers you may find the path.

To see results from this work, I need your trust. You need to be open, vulnerable, and brave.

I don’t expect to earn that trust from this About Me page, but I do hope it will encourage you to set up a consultation where we can dive deeper into the work you need to do.

How I came to this work

I came to this work when I let my dick make what I hoped was the last monumentally bad decision in my life. I was fed up and realized that I needed balance.

So, I found a teacher and he helped me get started.

That small step turned into a lot of bigger steps and I began to see how my mis-managed erotic energy was affecting not just how I interacted with men, but also how I navigated my business and career.

The work changed my life.

Adam Nicholson

My superhuman body

Working with my erotic energy has been a natural extension of how I’ve lived a lot of my life.

Since I was a child, I’ve held a close relationship with my body. Learning to listen to it and trust it has helped me navigate everything from health issues to career decisions.

Now, I often joke that I have a superhuman body.

Not in the aesthetic or Captain America sense; it’s just that I so rarely get sick anymore.

When I was young I suffered through asthma, acne, and hairline fractures in my legs (a true lesson in manifestation as I’d been searching for reasons to quite basketball). All healed, all fine.

In addition to not getting very sick (as if that weren’t enough), I’ve somehow managed to walk away from car accidents, sports, and unprotected sex with nothing more than a scratch.

As an adult, the only health issue that really stands out for me is when I went into a severe depression for several years in the 2000s. I did everything I thought I was supposed to - therapy, meds, repeat. Nothing worked until I moved to Korea, which forced me to go cold turkey on both the meds and the therapy.

That move forced me to go deeper into my relationship with my body - and to heal myself.

What I learned from listening to my body

Even if I didn’t know it at the time, I can see that my decision to move to Korea was my decision to heal myself. I didn’t understand the gut feeling to move across the globe to a country I’d never seen or whose language I didn’t understand. But I listened.

Eight years later, that same voice told me to return to the States. And despite having no job, nowhere to go outside of Clarksville, TN, and a political climate that was not representative of anything I valued - I returned.

And I kept listening.

Suddenly I had job offers. I had a future.

Even though I liked one of the jobs, I held off. I visited Connecticut and saw friends and loved ones. And I could feel my body telling me to move back to The Land of Steady Habits.

Not exactly what I had in mind as Connecticut was the one place on earth I vowed never to live again, having (wrongly) placed the blame of my depression solely on Hartford’s shoulders. I didn’t understand but I knew to listen and follow.

After three days, I decided to move back to Hartford.

I quickly realized there weren’t many jobs in the region I’d be interested in, so I pulled out my dusty business plan and one month later I was living downtown and running my own business.

In the first two months, I racked up $40k in contracts and never looked back.

My work with you

In the time since, my business has shifted as I continue to listen to my physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. What was once a marketing consultancy that helped businesses earn traction online is now a company that helps you overcome the blocks to your own personal successes.

I have grown and my business has grown with me.

Introducing erotic energy into the work was the hardest step for me. I was afraid of what friends, family, and loved ones would say.

But I understood that was my path and my purpose. I can feel it in every bone, muscle, and tissue in my body.

And I know enough to know that when my body is speaking to me so clearly, I need to listen. Even when it is dark and I cannot see the path, my body knows where to go.

Where are you on your path? Where do you want to be? Set up a consultation and let’s talk about how to get you there.


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